A lot of detail goes into designing a kitchen β€” the backsplash, countertops, cabinet fronts and of course, the right lighting. The best way to go about picking all of those details, is to first decide what type of kitchen you want. From there it is much easier to select finishes. There are many different types of kitchens, including but not limited to:


Described as modern and minimalist, with neutral color palettes and asymmetry characteristics. 


Brick walls, exposed steel surfaces, reclaimed wood.


Simple characteristics, streamlined profile and neutral materials.


Brass finishes, unusual pendant lighting and bold colors. 

Top kitchen design trends for 2017 show a move of cabinetry being painted various shades and bringing out a two tone mix. While I love the look and idea of it, I decided that I wanted an all white kitchen, reflecting a transitional style. To me a white kitchen is timeless, it makes a room look spacious, and carries good resale value. 

Below are some images of inspiration that I gathered for my kitchen before starting our project. I wanted to incorporate a little bit from each, as they're all such beautiful spaces in there own way.

Stay tuned for more of our kitchen renovation.

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