My Top 5 Favorite Trends of 2017

I have always been toying around with the idea of taking Sheer Noir into another direction, while still focusing on style of course. So, I decided I wanted to put a plan into action and there was no better time than now. 

I recently just purchased my first home. Built in 1956, and having a few upgrades since, I decided that before I moved in, I wanted to renovate and make the home truly mine. While most people start by knocking down walls, I wanted to keep it in its original floor plan. Why, because I love the true character of an older home and the era it was built. The bones of the house are in a good shape, and now its on me to keep it that way. 

Every year brings new design trends, which makes everyone excited about tackling a new project in their home. Weather it is painting, or remodelling, there are many brilliant ideas out there. While I start collecting ideas for my own home, here is a list of my favorite interior design trends of 2017.

1. Mid-Century Wood & Brass Accents.

Ah the beauty of mid century! One trend that I think and hope is here to stay. Reclaimed wood creates such a calming space, while the brass accents really set the tone of the room.

 Image Via  Pinterest

Image Via Pinterest

2. Green Hues.

Look out, green hues are showing up all over the style boards in 2017. Be it through furniture or paint, it is sure to bring a bold statement and add depth to any room in your home.

 Image via  Hygge & West

Image via Hygge & West

3. Tapestry Wallpaper.

Love it or hate it, wallpaper is back. When I think of it, it's like a new sense of style, giving the eye a different approach. It can really transform a space, and the best part about it is that it is easy to remove and replace.

 Image via  West Elm

Image via West Elm

4. Moroccan Rugs.

Growing up, I can still remember mom searching to buy her first moroccan rug. The look on her face when it arrived and she placed it in her living room, will be forever imprinted in my mind. It was beautiful and truly made the space feel warm and complete. This may be a trend right now, but to me, it is here to stay and I cannot wait to buy my very own. 

 Image via  Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

5. Transitional Floors.

As we all know, finishes and materials can make a vital impact on a space. Transitional flooring has emerged and is giving an eye popping and unusual touch to interior spaces. Be it a hexagonal tile, or a herringbone weave, I absolutly love the idea and change of the transition. 

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