The first room I took on in my home renovation was the kitchen. They say that the kitchen is one of them most expensive rooms in your home to renovate, and boy where they right. From demo, to electrical work, plumbing to ventilation, things begin to add up quickly.

The existing kitchen was as though it had never been updated since the home was built, with 4 layers of old linoleum flooring and uninsulated plaster walls, you can say it was long overdue for a facelift. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, and a space we spend most of our time in, I wanted to design a space that was going to be functional to all needs, and also ensure that it will never go out of "trend" for future resale. 

There are so many things so consider before beginning any kind of renovation. Here are a few tips I'd recommend before starting your next project:

  • Create a budget. This will help you and your suppliers keep you where you want to be. The last thing you want is to endure debt and not see a return in the end.

  • Create a list of "needs" and "wants". Unless this is your forever home, trust me when I say as much as I wanted a built in spice rack, the extra $500 for it, wasn't in my budget.

  • Do your research. Contractors often win jobs based on their good reputations. Check out online reviews, and ask your friends and family, quality craftsmanship is so important.

  • Shop around. Get numerous quotes, you will be surprised at how much companies vary in their price points.

  • Create an idea folder. Gather images, products, materials and styles that appeal to you. I spent months gathering ideas through home magazines and Pinterest before I decided what I wanted my space to look like.

  • Be prepared for anything that might come up. You never know what you're going to find behind those walls, along with those unexpected changes that need to be made.

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